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Male testimonies:

"The understanding of myself and my partner has changed drastically thanks to this book! We couldn't be happier! It helps get out on paper what we all have trouble saying to each other and ourselves. This book allows the truth about men and women to finally be shared and understood."

~ Mike Able

"I learned a lot in this book and now I can see what areas in my life need improvement. Thanks so much for writing this! Been divorced 2xs and after reading this, now I can see why."

~ Jim Renno

"Helps you understand relationships"

~ Baron Benham

"This is for anyone frustrated with relationships"

~ Terrance Clark

"Informative and very catching"

~ Jim Ellis

"Intuitive, informative, Very Creative, Entertaining"

~ Dean Zel

"Buy it! Really funny and Educational. Love the art work."

~ Gary Franza

"Ive been waiting for a book like this"

~ Allan Moore

"Super funny and real:-))) You will relate in some or many ways."

~ Mark Jennings

"Read this book just to understand women and how to treat women. It is Hilarious,and sex positive. So Funny!"

~ Cory


~ Gabe Ostrovsky

Female testimonies:

"It's what needs to change"

~ Allie Carr

"Educational for men"

~ Katherine Mashouf PsyD.

"Open your mind and get perspective"

~ Mica Madsen

"This message is SORELY needed! The author addresses both sides: how men are mistreating women and how women are doing themselves a grave disservice by allowing it. The book is a quick read, with humorous visuals to break up the text so the men who read it don't get brain-freeze. The use of Guy-speak (including profanity and references to genitalia) to get the message across is VERY effective."

~ Gina

"Thank you for writing it! It is brilliant. People should read this book Because it will help if they have any personal dilemmas."

~ Mary Pate

"To get a clue on how bad the PUSI epidemic is!!"

~ Carol Sjepko

"Everyone should read this book because we've lost the inborn gravitation to our own roles. We need to redefine who we are individually and in relationships. Really funny and Educational"

~ Sarah Cuppis

"People should buy this book so they can look at themselves."

~ Faith

"This book helps to reset perceptions and interpersonal contracts essential to happy and relationship. The eroding of the very core foundational elements that create attraction."

~ S. N. Goodheart

"Hilariously true!"

~ Becca

"Loved it! educational , learning respect for the human qualities for all races."

~ Sherry Macdonald


The Author

As a Fortune 15 professionally trained Executive Coach and Team Building Expert in the manufacturing industry, S.J. Gold has had an opportunity to gain a wealth of practical knowledge from over 30 years of experience facilitating gender related matters. This experience has resulted in discovering the root cause of many of the underlying relationship issues.

Using satire to engage individuals, Gold, known as “The Polarity Expert”, communicates important truths and is brutally honest provoking thoughts and conversations which are needed to create the wave of change.

As a subject matter expert in Organizational Behavior from an 18 year corporate career with an additional 15 years as a Behavioral Relationship Coach, working in leadership roles alongside world renown experts in the fields of Human Nature, Neuro-Science and Psychology, the Polarity Expert is uniquely qualified to write a book of this kind.

"I hope you enjoy it!" ~ S. J. Gold

polarity expert


to stop the Pusillanimous epidemic